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Old 26-05-15, 08:21 AM
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RAM Prices Hit 26th Month Low

RAM prices are the lowest they have been in 26 months and are not likely to get any lower anytime soon. Now might be a good tie to buy some more RAM.

Read more on the current low price of DRAM here.

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Old 26-05-15, 09:21 AM
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Yeah I've noticed that, even for a country like this, the top of the line RAM modules are super cheap relatively to 2 months ago!


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Old 26-05-15, 11:42 PM
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Good job on the article! I was actually looking at ram the other day and said to myself dang haven't seen them so cheap in forever.
So good in fact PC Gamer mentioned your article specifically
PC Gamer

Nice to see we continue to grow in our news section
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