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Old 20-01-15, 03:27 PM
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UK Internet Providers Embrace net neutrality

EE, Virgin Media and Vodafone embrace UK plans for net neutrality. This makes me feel sorry for the guys and girls in the US.

Read more on UK Internet Providers supporting Net Neutrality here.

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Old 20-01-15, 05:08 PM
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Why be sorry? Currently our horrible FCC(who have no authority) and President are the ones trying to change how ISPs work and micromanage everything about our lives.. Everyone else is opposing the laws they are trying to enforce. But as of now it's nearly exact how it is in the UK.. no one is restricted and nothing is censored. The only difference is the competitive nature of ISPs in the US. US works entirely differently then the UK(due to so many states,states rights, etc) so the reason why competition is low is because the Government has allowed single companies to take control over vast areas/cities/towns/etc and be the only company to offer internet access. Very seldom do we have options.. now we do have local ISPs but they are mainly for businesses and expensive as all hell.

They are working on Fiber in the US. Just slowly and only in major cities. It is a lot easier to transform the UK to fiber than it is the US due to just the sheer amount of land and the US needing more/stronger networks due to the fact we have ~316million people compared to the ~64million in the UK. So whoever that CEO guy is.. guess he's the squabbling idiot
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Old 21-01-15, 06:29 PM
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I suppose things could be worse. David Cameron's insane plan to ban encryption coupled with ultra-fast internet means the government will have access to all your data MUCH faster.



Levison said moves to allow government access to encrypted data would weaken safety online for everyone. “Think how much information has been stolen online already in the last year,” he said, referring to the hacks of Sony, Target and Home Depot. Creating “backdoors” for US or UK authorities would make the entire system more vulnerable, he insisted.

“Encryption underpins the entire network of trust on the internet, from downloading applications to banking and software updates,” said Levison. “If you have to hand over the keys, you’d be well advised not to use some services,” he said.

Levison’s comments came as the Guardian published details of a newly uncovered 2009 document from the US National Intelligence Council that called encryption the “best defence” for computer users to protect private data.
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