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Old 05-01-15, 04:02 PM
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Nvidia Maxwell GM206 Pictured

The first Die Shots of Nvidia's GTX 960 GM206 GPU core has appeared online. Read the rumored specs here.

Read more on Nvidia's GTX 960 here.

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Old 05-01-15, 04:14 PM
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Given the date on that chip it's not long now before we see the reference cards

EDIT: I should really explain for those members who don't know the date coding that NVIDIA use.

S.TAIWAN 1442.A1 is the code designation for the chip.

S.TAIWAN (Obvious really)
1442 (14 is the year, 42 is the week)
.A1 is the manufacture reference (A1 is the first instance, A2 would be a revision)

So this chip was made in Taiwan between October 13th - 19th 2014.
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Old 05-01-15, 04:27 PM
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Everytime I see 960 my mind messes up and I think that a successor to the 690 has been spotted .
Ah well this could be a decent GPU. Nvidia have lost that mid range sector to AMD recently (as the 760's prices are too high to really compete with the 270x/280/285/280x. Just depends on the price/performance, which Nvidia haven't always been great at.
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Old 06-01-15, 08:49 AM
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crap 128bit memory... They try to push high end cards because people always buy 2x X60 cards in sli mode.

and only 2 gigs?

How much is going to cost? If 290 is allready very cheap. This is a 130 euro card. This reminds me X50 TI cards...

if they give me a 256bit memory and 4 gigs, I will think about it for my new rig with 2 of them. Gpus today need lots of ram
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