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Old 20-12-06, 09:23 AM
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OC3D Review: OCZ Rally2 2GB USB2 Flash Drive

"The sales of flash memory products are on a steep increase with many people realising how handy having all their data on the go can be. Today I'll be looking at OCZ's "Rally2" flash drive to see if it can compete in an already flooded market."


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Old 20-12-06, 10:10 AM
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Sounds like a real quality range of flashes.

I`ve never honestly looked at the transfer rates of these drives, being as they used to be ~256/512m, I never imagined it being that important.

However, seeing as they`re now commonly 1/2/4g, I can see it being more important.

Having seen the very impressive 25mbs of the OCZ, I decided to bench the 2 I have here atm.

1 x 512m PNY - HDTach @ 10.7mbs - steady.

1 x 1G "Super*Talent" (no I never heard of them either) @ 11.7 peak - more like 9.x steady.

OCZ seem to have an impressive rating there, and an attractive price.

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Old 20-12-06, 10:12 AM
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second OCZ flash drive review coming tomorrow - providing the postman has got his ass in gear for once

Edit: wait, i'm fully booked tonight and tomorrow will have to be fri / sat
Just ate 5 Cadbury's Double Deckers in 30 minutes

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