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Old 14-11-06, 11:18 AM
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Silverstone's New Desktop SST-CW01B-WDR

Silverstone has released the latest in their enclosure product line. The CW01-WD is created for HTPC and PC enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the layout from SilverStone's top-of-the-line LC18 enclosure with full view of the an Raptor X hard drive from Western Digital. What do you think, are Silverstone onto a winner? Feel free to comment on the product below....


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"Jonathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel may be 12-time world gaming champ, but how does he cope inside a 50c hot box sucking on a heavy load?":rocker::rocker:
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Old 14-11-06, 11:35 AM
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Outstanding idea with the view port for a Raptor X. Looks to be a stellar case! Hard to understand how good it would look with a real Raptor installed, with that shoddy piece of printed cardboard screwed to the front of the case in the picture it looks horrible. But if you use your imagination to see it with a real Raptor I think it would be very aesthetically pleasing.
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Old 14-11-06, 12:07 PM
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ooooh now that is pretty damn lush.
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Old 14-11-06, 01:14 PM
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not really something I want to see on a HTPC, will look a little out of place in my living room....now on a gaming rig it'd be a nice idea but HTPC.....nah doesn't work for me...
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I put a Barton core 3200+ in a motherboard that didn't support it *just in case* it worked
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