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Old 18-11-13, 12:53 PM
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which card

further to another post previously, I had 2x r9 280x's and had issues with them, ie screen jumping and constant crashing in x-fire, I thought it was a seating issue or drivers. they were the sapphire r9 280x dual x oc cards, but it turned out to be that both cards were knackerd, so my question is what do I get instead ? do I get 2 more 280x's or do I get 1 r9 290x ?. when the 280's worked the performance was fantastic, I just don't know in comparison what the 290x is like, I know if I buy the 290x I will save a bit of cash, or do I spend an extra £70 quid or so and buy a 780ti. whats your guys thoughts

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Old 18-11-13, 12:56 PM
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I would deffo go single card to avois sli/Xfire issues. You could get a 780ti but the 780's prices are damn good atm. I just grabbed a 780 myself. Do you think it is worth paying for a 780 ti for a couple of extra frames ?
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Old 18-11-13, 01:13 PM
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thanks FTR, I never even thought about the 780, I think this rig is supposed to be my best rig for a very long time and I was just being a bit snobbish ( I definitely am not ).
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Old 18-11-13, 01:18 PM
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If you haven't bought it yet grab a 780 Ti over the 780, More money I know but it's damn beast I tell you !!!
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