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Old 23-09-13, 04:40 PM
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EL Wire Questions

Hi all, I've got some EL wire for a little window mod I'm doing. I'm going to run it underneath the U-channel around the edge of my window so it glows blue.

Firstly, does anyone know of any brand of good CLEAR/TRANSLUCENT U-channel, or where I can get some decent stuff? I bought some online recently and it was no where near flexible enough for my window. There is tons of black U-channel out there, but finding clear stuff is proving hard.

Now, onto the EL wire. I've never used it before so I just wanted to know whether I can change the connections around on it.

Here is the kit I bought

As you can see it has a 12v car cigarette lighter adapter, I assume I can simply snip this off, and wire it via a molex?

Preferably though, I would like to get rid of the little AC/DC converter box. So, would I be able to cut the converter off, and instead connect the EL wire to a 2pin connector, and stick it into my cathode converter?


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Old 23-09-13, 06:03 PM
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Yep, the plug can be snipped off and a Molex added.
Quickest way to find out would be to call the manufacturer and find out what the wire is running at.
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cathode converter, el wire, molex, u-channel, window mod

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