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Old 19-09-13, 05:32 PM
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Parvum Systems Project Magnus - 20th Sep - Case assembled

by: Parvum Systems


Hello ladies and gentleman. It's that time!

We are back! A very exciting time indeed! We have been working hard in the warehouse trying to get on top of stock and orders for Parvum cases! However in our evenings and our own spare time we have done our very best to work on a new project.

A quick word about the sponsors. As with all of these builds they are not the most traditional where you simply do a build and get sponsor stuff in exchange for finishing the build. All parts that we have been lucky to get for this build are 90% trade items. So to say... you scratch my back I'll scratch yours. We have done custom case work for pretty much all of the companies who have supported this project and intend to do much more.

This project will be the first ever full size Parvum Systems case. It will feature a full size ATX board and multiple GPUs. Please understand the purpose of this is to also act as a working prototype.
This won't be the end user 'retail' tower but a lot of the techniques we use and features seen here will be in the final product. Also understand any feedback, criticism & ideas received here will be taken on board. The whole point is to make our cases as perfect as we can!

A little break down of what we already know for the build; Understand it is overkill. This is the one time we are going to go crazy... all the hardware, all the watercooling.. a really powerful build:
  • 5 X 240mm Radiators
  • 1 x 360mm Radiators
  • 18 x 120mm Fans
  • 1 x Haswell CPU
  • 1 X 4 Way SLI Motherboard
  • 4 X GPUs
  • 3 X D5 Pumps
  • 8 X SSD
  • 3 X 3TB Storage drives
  • 1 X SATA 3 Raid card

Our personal building style doesn't really favor much from rendering, if we do use them its more to ensure we've not screwed up with a length of a panel or a screw hole here or there. So I do have a render but this is a lose idea of the build. Something for you to see to give you an idea.
We never sketchup the hardware or the loop. These things come to us when the builds actually in front of us.

The one thing that is a certainty is the almost 500mm of clear acrylic tubing that will be mounted into the front panel system of the case. Should be a nice little feature!

Here are a couple of quick renders to give you an idea of the over all look/feel:

To give you an idea of our previous work. See two photos; Project ITX & Onwards and upwards. mATX for the bigger case, ITX for the smaller. This should give you a good idea of our overall build style and give you an idea of what to expect but on a much larger scale:

Over the last couple of months we have been tweaking the design. Finally we are happy to a stage where some can be cut:

So before I show you the initial panels... we have been very lucky here at Parvum Systems. I suppose a combination of dedication & support from all you guys has led to this! On the 17th of this month we had an extremely awesome CNC system installed. We had a couple of days training as standard with the machine and got on really well with the technician. Was a great couple of days and we pretty much got straight to optimizing Parvum case cutting. Even made a new friend !

Here are a couple of shots of the installation and cutting of the first panels for this case:

So to show you a little bit of the cutting for today. The first BIG mid wall! Was fun to bend it, had to make a slightly bigger jig. Pretty standard here just more standoffs and more size!

We changed the 24pin & 8pin EPS to small drilled holes for neater cable management. We also changed the hole placement for things like Sata cables to be 50% under the motherboard. Again to keep it all nice and tidy. We actually used a photo template of the board to ensure everything is in the exact place before the we physically had the motherboard:

Basically just wanted to just get this project log up and online. We have actually cut 75% of the panels so we will assemble after work tonight or tomorrow and get the initial assembly photos online in the next update! We will start to filter in some of the parts & hardware provided by our sponsors and show you some more of the plans ASAP.

Thanks again everyone. Hope this one will be a great project for us to enjoy together! As always if you have any questions... want to know a little more about something or what something is just ask.

Justin, Shaun..

Parvum Systems!

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Old 19-09-13, 05:38 PM
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Oooooh nice! This should be good!

Oh, and you said '1x Haswell GPU' I think you meant CPU

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Old 19-09-13, 05:40 PM
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That CNC system= Wet dream of mine.
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Old 19-09-13, 05:42 PM
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if I may, how much does the cnc machine cost?
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and if I may, can I send you some stuff to get cut too?
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Old 19-09-13, 05:56 PM
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ready to change pants
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Old 19-09-13, 06:21 PM
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Subscribed! This should bee good!
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Old 19-09-13, 06:25 PM
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that render mmmmmmmmmmm that's just sex
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Old 19-09-13, 06:29 PM
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subed I'm in see how this one goes
build log
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Old 19-09-13, 07:17 PM
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Without being annoying and thanking everyone, a quick thanks! So many views so soon and so many comments. Thank you all!

Originally Posted by Feronix View Post
Oooooh nice! This should be good!

Oh, and you said '1x Haswell GPU' I think you meant CPU
Thanks Feronix; FIXED!

Originally Posted by maniac View Post
if I may, how much does the cnc machine cost?
A woman never tells , I suppose lets say you could buy a nice Ferrari second hand for the full system seen here.

Originally Posted by SuB View Post
and if I may, can I send you some stuff to get cut too?
Yeah of course mate, add me on Facebook, TTL has my contact and we can chat. Failing that contact me here.
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parvum systems

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