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Old 16-09-13, 08:27 AM
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Corsair AX860 Buzzing

Recently RMA'ed my AX850 because it was making an audible coil whine like sound after I had turned the PSU, got an AX860 in replacement which was quiet after I had turned it off...until it too started to occasionally make noises while the PC was off.

It's deeper and (maybe) slightly louder than with the AX850 plus it stops the instant I hit the PSU switch rather than continuing until the MB loses power, but it doesn't always make the sound and will start/stop after a few minuets.

i5 3570k
16GB 2133MHz RAM
HD 7950
Z77 Sabertooth
2TB WD Black
256GB Samsung 830
Win 8

No OCs yet (on stock air cooling while I wait for water).

The PSU is plugged into my APC 1200W Line-R AVR, which is plugged into a surge protector that goes into my wall however the PSU still makes noises regardless of where it's plugged in.

Could there be an external problem causing this, is this usual behaviour for AX860s or did I just get unlucky?

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Old 16-09-13, 03:17 PM
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Since it's not consistent and only happens when the system is off, then it's possible that it's due to some capacitor somewhere vibrating at a certain frequency causing the noise. Try disabling some of the power saving features in your BIOS and see if that makes a difference, see link. Also, I'd try a different power outlet w/o the surge protector nor the back UPS - Some power out are not properly grounded.
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