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Lg 27ea63v-p

So earlier this week i managed to get a nice annoying scratch though the center of my old LG E2260 monitor....which led me to go shopping for a new one. being on a budget i had picked up a HP 23" IPS screen which lasted me about 1 day before the store opened and i had some free time to return it, the color was very very yellow on it. i ended up picking up an LG 27EA63V-P monitor for a good price. its a 27" 1080P IPS screen with a thin bezel design. Before people get mad about the 27" 1080P screen thing not being a 1440 res, i find the picture on this screen kinda nice! its way better than my old 22" LG TN panel. i keep the new monitor a little farther back than i did my old one, and im finding it much easier on my eyes now! and at the same time print is easier for me to read! i will add on some pics a bit later after i clean off this desk lol, haven't had time to clean yet, only try the monitor....stupid work.....


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