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Which 7950 to put under water ?

I have scraped enough pennies together to buy a 7950 , but which one would be suitable for a water block . Tom gave me some advice yesterday in the form of " the cheapest with a black pcb " which is great but the card I was looking at has a blue pcb HIS hd7950 , Tom also said that it would take an EK block . The other card I'm looking at is the HIS hd7950 IceQ X2 boost . According the the EK config , it has a visual match , the same as the other HIS hd7950 . How reliable is the EK config , when it comes to a Visual match . Or if anyone can point me towards a card that has a definate match that would be great . I should also mention it won't be going under water for at least a month so preferably needs a decent cooler . I know that might be hard as the best match for a block is a reference card .

Problem solved the reference look but with a blue pcb on the HIS 7950 was a bit confusing , as Tom mentioned in his review vid . But according to guru3d.cm it is a 100% reference card . So that helps and it also saves me £40 on the next priced model . That £40 can get me some nice new Avexir MPower ram .

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Old 25-03-13, 05:33 AM
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Nice Enjoy.

Pics in a log please!
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