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Old 25-08-06, 11:25 PM
Direheart66 Direheart66 is offline
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What do you think so Far.

Ok guys so far I have got this planned


Case: Kandalf Black with 25cm side fan.

Intel Duo 2 6600 ( aiming at 3.2ghz stable )

Cpu cooling Scythe Ninja with 2 "120"mm side fans


As for ram which would be better:

STT DDR2-1066 1GB(2x512M CL5 Dual Channel Memory Kit STT DDR2-1066 1GB(2x512M CL5 Dual Channel Memory Kit

Type: DDR2 Capacity: 1GB (2x 512M Speed: PC8528 1066MHz Pins: 240pin ECC: No Registered: No CL5 …X2


STT DDR2-800 2GB(2x1G CL4 DUAL KIT Memory

Type: DDR2 Capacity: 2 GB (2x 1G Speed: PC6400 800MHz (Over-Clocked) Size & Bit: 128M x 64 Pins: 240 ECC: No Registered: No CL: 4 Dual.

Im not sure which is best?. Will x4 512Mb chips do better then x2 1Gb chips if they where the same speed that is.

Also not sure wether to leave slots free incase of Windows Vista.

Ps. The case itself is going to be intaking Air at around 14 C.

The main thing is I can't get any of this stuff until Xmas. Is there anything I should wait for?.

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Old 25-08-06, 11:32 PM
FarFarAway FarFarAway is offline
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Uur better off with 2 x 1gb sticks mate

DDR800 will be fine for C2D
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