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Old 31-12-12, 01:42 AM
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lol. well if the post is 6 months old i have no idea what he intended to get for that money with the i5 included

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Old 31-12-12, 02:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Josh Weston View Post
Drop the i5, get an i3, spend more money on the graphics card. This is for gaming, where the GPU horsepower is far more important.
I would agree. Most games are not going to be restricted by a lower end CPU as they are much more GPU dependent. As you are looking for something with a mid range high end graphics card the CPU will not be a bottleneck. Don't forget in my opinion a small boot SSD is a must have part nowadays. If you are not used to using them the difference in everyday use is night & day, & they are cheaper than ever. The rest of the parts look solid would change the GPU to a newer model tho.
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Old 31-12-12, 07:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Josh Weston View Post
Aw, man. I only ever really look at the post above mine
me too
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Old 04-01-13, 03:46 PM
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Do you have an exsisting case that you can use for a short time, to ease the burden of budget? Mayhap the i3 3220 is in order?
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