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Old 25-05-12, 08:17 AM
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With an integrated GPU and very competitive pricing the A8-3870K promises much. We see if it delivers.

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Old 25-05-12, 08:26 AM
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Have been running one of these in my daughter's rig for a few months now. Its does everything asked of it with consumate ease. Mild gaming and internet browsing - it doesn't even break a sweat. The only thing that I noticed is that HWMonitor doesn't report the temps correctly.
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Old 25-05-12, 12:45 PM
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I personally have one of these and i think they are excellent!

Got my iGPU at 800Mhz from the stock 600MHz and most games play in 1080p with medium detail.

Also overclocked my HyperX Blu 1600Mhz to 1866Mhz so i get even better performance.

I would recommend this for anyone who likes some light gaming,
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Old 25-05-12, 02:11 PM
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surpised they let tom test one of these after his rightfully scathing attack on faildozer.

i was an amd fan, until that chip came out, now i'm leaning towards an intel build for the first time in over a decade
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Old 25-05-12, 02:21 PM
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I think this CPU/APU is underrated. Ok it can`t keep up with an i5 or i7 but it has a lot of power and packs a decent gpu in there too. I used this one in a PC for a costumer, he can play nearly all games (even though in low settings) and it`s more than enough for internet, watching movies etc. I was really suprised by it when i tested it. And it`s cheap too, over here in Germany you get the A8-3870K for around 100€, really nice price (cheapest i6 is around 150&euro. I`m using alot AMD CPUs cause my avarage costumer does not have too much money and with the FMI chips i get a Cpu and a Gpu for little money. For Multimedia-PCs this is a good choice.
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Old 26-05-12, 11:48 AM
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its about time amd got back into the budget market, and it sounds like they've come back to the budget market, and slaughtered all competition at this kind of price point ...

they just need to get the high end sorted out and give intel some serious competition again.
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Old 15-06-12, 10:53 AM
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I am very impressed with AMD's APU's getting that sort of graphics performance intergrated on the cpu is incredible.

If they put the effort in and release CPU's with a similar price point to intel's high end stuff I'm sure they could do alot more than they're doing.
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