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Old 11-04-12, 04:41 PM
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So i am wanting to get a all in one water cooler for my computer ( i5 2500k ) The one i was going to get was the corsair h100. But i was wondering if there where another out there that where either cheaper or did a better job?


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Old 11-04-12, 05:46 PM
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I was just wondering this myself in case my current ECO ALC is a bit pants.

AFAIK this site only recommends the H100 from the whole Corsair range (saying that the others are inadequate). Check out some on the reviews on the site, although not all coolers are covered there. I haven't overclocked anything myself but hey, never got a blue screen from over heating so at least the ECO ALC isn't a broken product!
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Old 11-04-12, 05:54 PM
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Take an eye on this one!

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Old 11-04-12, 06:00 PM
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If you're feeling a little adventurous you could try an EK or XSPC kit. They retail for around £130 in the UK. In the EK one you get everything you need including coolant. In the XSPC kits you get all the parts and only need to buy some coolant yourself (which is about £5 for 1 Litre of a good premix)

If you don't want to go that way then as you pointed out in your post the H100 is a good sealed unit. There is also the asestek model linked above by JMMP which is basically identical to the H100 but you may find that in shops a little cheaper than the Corsair unit.

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Old 11-04-12, 06:08 PM
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H100 for a closed water unit.
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Old 11-04-12, 06:21 PM
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The Antec KÜHLER H₂O 620 has worked well for me. I have been folding with it for a week running 24/7 most of the time and my highest temps have been 55c, I replaced the stock fan with two Cooler Master 120 blue LED fans in push/pull.
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