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Old 06-03-12, 10:13 AM
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Latest in the SUGO line of Small form factor cases from Silverstone, The SG08 steps up to the OC3D mark ready to be measured.

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Old 06-03-12, 10:32 AM
Josh Weston Josh Weston is offline
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A most excellent review, sir!

I am pretty damn sure the front of that case shall me literally bullet proof with the 10mm of aluminium

Thankyou for taking the time to review this.
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Old 06-03-12, 10:35 AM
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Another brilliant case from Silverstone
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Old 06-03-12, 11:37 AM
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Wow, I'm liking the GPU headroom space. If only there were more HDD space...
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Old 06-03-12, 02:19 PM
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Love the look of this case. I might wonder how loud and hot it would be with dual gpu cards in it, specially if it was used as a media center.
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Old 09-03-12, 08:07 PM
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I still have this calling to SFF cases. I really like the idea of them but here I am stuck with my big ugly cooler master. Even if I dont end up going SFF on my next pc, I am for sure gona buy either a Lian Li, Silverstone or Corsair case. Gotta love that clean slick style
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Old 10-03-12, 02:40 AM
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Wouldn't expect anything less from Silverstone. Nice review Gary
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Old 10-03-12, 03:56 AM
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Iv owned a silverstone case the sugo sg05....psu failed in warranty ran out contacted silverstone would not sell me a replacement 1 :/

Only real gripes I have with the sugo 05/07/08 is the psu and front cables are 2 bloody long for this case, also the outer side panels feel like paper compared to the rest of the case.

A moduler psu would have been better with shorter cables.
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