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Old 27-02-12, 08:11 AM
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As we bring a new benchmark to the OC3D suite of testing, we thought we'd give you a quick run through of some popular SSDs.

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Old 27-02-12, 08:43 AM
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bravo... awesome review. thank you for the information, testing and evaluation. puts a better light

to the SSD market. and thatll change with the months due to more and more technology and users of SSD.

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Old 27-02-12, 12:02 PM
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Nice review OC3D just keeps getting better and better
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Old 27-02-12, 12:24 PM
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great review VB
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Old 27-02-12, 12:39 PM
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The prices are finally coming down now and should be a reasonable in price within the next two years hopefully so it will be time to upgrade to SSD when that time comes.
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Old 27-02-12, 12:46 PM
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Interestingly enough, I was reading an article on Tom's Hardware that took a look at Toshiba's 400GB Enterprise SSD, a $7000 USD SSD. In their testing, the Intel 520 outperformed it in many regards as well. I never really looked at SSDs and compared them but these last two articles I have read from two sites I trust have me very impressed with the Intel 520 Series, to say the least. Well done on the review.
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Old 27-02-12, 02:32 PM
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funny how dif. benchmarks can paint such dif. pictures.....

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Old 27-02-12, 09:43 PM
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Finally a review for SSDs, all I need to do is price them up to see which one comes out on top

All prices are approx after a quick search:

Intel = £360

Mushkin - only found a price for 120gb = £170

Corsair = £280

Kingston = 300

Definately gettting bang for your buck.

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Old 27-02-12, 09:48 PM
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I'm not cheap, and i believe the intel 520 is one of if not the best SSD out there, but paying almost twice the money per GB compared to eg. the Mushkin Chronos is something to consider.


F*** me, i'll get the 520 240GB sooner or later anyway...

edit: @leerory: Companies have quite different demands in terms of reliability, as such they pay more for that than raw POWER!!!!111
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Old 27-02-12, 10:15 PM
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Downloaded the new ssd test suite and tried it on my force gt Nice to have some other tests to compare with.

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