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Old 10-11-11, 10:01 AM
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On the 1st day of christmas, the lads at OC3D

reviewed a chip that's nicknamed sb-e.

12 cables powering

11 heatsinks cooling

10 in-game benching

9 fans a-blowing

8 speakers booming

7 hard-drives seeking

6 displays for viewing

5 NDAs

4 GPUs

3 waterblocks

2 PSUs

and a chip that's nicknames S B...Eeeeee

can you do better?

try an re-write a festive song, along the similar lines as i have done, in time for xmas.

no rudeness or profanities please

let's just use our heads and have a laugh

Prepare for the worst. Assume losing. Then... if the opposite occurs... BONUS!
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