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Old 10-10-11, 09:11 AM
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Today we take a look at a seriously thin set of speakers as part of the Edifier M3300SF 2.1 package.

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Old 10-10-11, 01:53 PM
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i don't like - they look cheap

(but, that's just me!)
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Old 10-10-11, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by dugdiamond View Post

i don't like - they look cheap

(but, that's just me!)
I have to say that I agree with you there. Not ideal for me.
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Old 10-10-11, 01:58 PM
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That gloss finish is not for me. I'm to OCD about scratches.
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Old 11-10-11, 12:00 AM
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I might be getting a set
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Old 23-06-12, 02:35 PM
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Was in need for a sub CAD $50 speaker set for my computer. Was hesitating between the Corsair SP2200 for $39.99+shipping or the Edifier M3300SF for $49.00 including shipping. From the all the reviews I've seen online, I was leaning toward the SP2200 until I saw your review which indicated that the M3300SF should

Just ordered a set and wish I won't be disappointed. I am 98% sure it highs and mids will not be as good as my old Moonsoon MM-1000 and the set will not be as powerful as the Logitech Z-2300 I am used to.

Will let you know my thoughts next week.
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