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This is my first post here so I would first off like to say Hello, and now lets move on to the good stuff,

over the past few months have been working on this case mod and its taken allot longer than I first thought

but its near and end now. the original aim was to have the cosmos plastic coated and hand spray and outer

plastic surrounds and doors but the plastic coater refused to as he insisted the door release handle was

made of plastic [when It's not], so I ended up hand spray the main chassis it came out allot better than I

thought, I got the bars chromed thought a contact and only cost £30 rather than £120 I am so pleased with

the finish. The build is over such a large time I went from 470sli to 480 and red to white cathodes I hope

you enjoy them.

Strip down and sanding:

First asemably with out the bars

Bars on and off the case:

Here's the rig with the the tape job on the 24pin extender

More braided cables and white cathodes.Sorry for the terrible pics [again]

Here's the numbers the rig pulls

That's at 850 core / 1GHZ memory.

And on high / All the rest 820 core / 1GHZ memory.

Unigine 2.0

crysis 16xQaa:

No AA:

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