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Old 16-12-10, 11:35 PM
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This being a discussion about graphics cards, I'm not sure if this is in the right place, so if it's not...apologies.

I know this is going to sound anal retentive...but why are we paying more for the looks of a GPU when we can't even see it or show it off in our rigs??

The GPU designers make the GPU's where the looks of the GPU casing is upside down when installed, making it so no one can even see the extra time, thought and money that the manufacturers put into their case designs, and worse...the extra money spent and brand dedication that we have to pay for, for something that's not ever seen when installed.

I know there's going to be some responses that say...they do it because it's the way that the Mobo designers design their boards and it just ends up that way.

Well why does it have to be this way?? Why cant the GPU designers design their cards the opposite way where we can use the lower placed PCIE slots? Why cant the Mobo designers design their boards to allow for the GPU's to be upright (allowing us to show off all that extra money we spent on packaging for nothing)by placing the 16x slots lower or even placing them at the bottom of the Mobo?

I know desk tops started out being horizontal (you still couldnt see them without removing the whole shell and they didn't have fancy GPU cases then) until someone had the ingenious idea of building the case to stand vertical and Mobo / GPU designers haven't gotten together to discuss changing the way they they design their products (one holding the other hostage).

I feel that if they could do this it would revolutionize the way that Mobo's and GPU's are designed...like getting all that extra heat generated by the GPU's farther away from the CPU,caps,chokes,mossfets,chips...etcetera. It could be the next evolution of the computer...

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Old 17-12-10, 07:17 AM
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Buy a case with an inverted mobo mount.

Your never gonna change the industry standards!

Use a bench table if you want to look at your GPU rather than your monitor

Use a mirrored surface on the bottom of your case if you wish to look at an ati/NVIDIA sticker and fan.

Look at old lian Li v2000 or the raven for alternative mounts.
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