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Old 10-01-06, 09:14 AM
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Amd Fx-60

The AMD FX-60 has arrived and Bit-Tech have got their hands on the new AMD flagship CPU

This processor is based on AMD's dual core processors, is clockied at 2.6GHz and has the usual unlocked multiplier which is the great feature of the FX series

After the release of Intels Dual Core 955 edition, AMD have stepped up and produced yet another great CPU.

This time though - its pretty significant to see AMD producing a dual core solution to their FX lineup.

Games are becoming multi-threaded now, and will continue to do so in the future due to the XBox 360 and the PS3. AMD as usual recognises this and has set its sights on retaining the performance crown with their latest edition to the FX chips

The Chip

AMD's chip design has several major advantages over Intels current lineup.

The processors communicate at the clock speed so there is no latency there. Also the on-die memory controller does not have as big as a bottleneck as the Intel CPU's do:

This means that AMD's processors are better at communicating with each other on-die, and also with the I/O devices and the memory; gaining a big performance boost over Intels current gen

A few benchies

If you want to see all of the performance benchmarks then please read the full article Here. I'll put up a couple.

General Performance:

The FX60 rules the roost generally in these benchies, with the X2 chips not far behind. Some of the Intel chips make a small strike back, but not significant enough to warrant a huge mention.


Gaming the Athlon 64 processors are the undisputed King of the Hill. The FX-60 really excels in games that are genuinly multi-threaded in nature (QUAKE 4) and other than that we see that if you are a gamer with the current gen of CPU's then AMD is your only choice right now.


The FX-60 and its cousens, the X2's also show their strength in these benchies. They lead throughout apart from one benchmark. The 955 strikes back slightly, with three or more heavy app use. This would only apply to a minority of higher end power users, but if you are in that catagory: then maybe a 955 is for you.

However for normal multi-tasking the X2's are the best, with the flagship FX60 ruling the roost.


The FX-60 is showing the way ahead for computing. The X2's are awesome chips and the fact that AMD has released a dual core FX is a sign that the next few years will be about adding cores and threads for CPU's, rather than simply ramping up the clockspeed.

I own an AMD X2 4400+, clocked to 2.8GHz and I have to say that it has handled anything I have thrown at it with aplomb.

The FX-60 is certainly showing us that the era of dual core computing is upon us!

Thanks to Bit-Tech for another great write-up

Read the full article Here - certainly worth looking at!

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Old 10-01-06, 11:17 AM
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Looks very promising. what i would of liked to see is tough FX60 running at 2.8ghz to see the difference between FX57 on the same speed. I believe this runs on lower voltage then FX57.
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Old 10-01-06, 11:53 AM
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Hrmm yeah should be Rev E6 with operating voltage of 1.35-1.4 I think. FX-57 must be E3?

They did say that it runs at 2.8GHz at stock volts and at 3.0GHz without much hassle
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Old 10-01-06, 12:57 PM
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Wow that Quake4 bench really shows the dual core patch enhancement at it's peak. A dc processor which beats a single core, now that is awesome
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Old 10-01-06, 08:07 PM
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Looks mighty good though!
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Old 10-01-06, 08:47 PM
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Now available for pre-order at www.overclockers.co.uk

Here for £679
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Old 11-01-06, 04:04 AM
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good old amd
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