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Old 15-11-10, 03:45 PM
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Hey guys, im giving my dad my current computer, shes done me well and he deserves a new machine so shes going, in her place im looking at a nice laptop, but im unsure as to what to buy, i dont ideally want to spend more than £500. Id love something with a good battery life and something that will play games liker grid in ok specs ....

Any ideas guys?

ps...First post in ages!! HABLAR!!!!

pps...epic tune""

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Old 15-11-10, 04:14 PM
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Kind of on a side topic. Is this going to be your every day user? If so... most people always want "good battery life" yet use a lap top as their every day user. Lap top batteries have shelf lives, and generally short. I lost count of how many people at my job who have complained about battery life but use their lap top every day as their only PC, and/or leave it plugged in 24/7. It will kill your battery in months, then it wont hold a charge for all of 15 minutes.

My 2 cents, get a cheap netbook or something that will work for your "mobile" needs, and get another desktop. Laptops are meant to be mobile, not every day for everything.

If you have your heart set on it, more power to you, but I think you should weigh all options before hand.

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Old 19-11-10, 01:17 AM
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Laptops in that price range that can game and have good battery life... well firstly you'll have to say what screen size you're looking for then I could make some suggestions on what'd be decent and also say whether you want to buy new retail or consider using eBay etc (can be iffy). As Heart said about battery life if you're plugged in most of the time it'll kill out your battery as they don't like to hold their maximum charge for long. Sony is one company that got past this by having Batterycare which enables you to set your max battery capacity at 50% if it's plugged in the whole time to preserve and lengthen battery life and then you can turn it off and have your full battery capacity when you go on the road. This said it's rare and I've heard of something similar in a couple Sager's (Clevo rebrands). Aside from that you can of course plug out your laptop battery and store it at 50% charge in a decent temperature bla bla place but of course that then means you should be a little careful with your power cable .

Sony are expensive and aren't an option for your price range really (well at least to get something worth while). So yea let us know what you want from a laptop or go the route Heart suggested and go netbook + desktop! I'm in the works to sort my own build and also looking into possibly buying an Asus 1215n as it's a compromise between not having awful performance, decent battery life and experience but also price at around £430. To let you know I've used laptops all my life and have been researching them extensively for a while and now that I'm getting money together a desktop won out logically, so I'm not just spouting crap at you. Good luck.
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Old 19-11-10, 12:34 PM
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Look on Ebay for a company called NDC. They do the Alienware M11X for around £550+.

Bloody brilliant they are. Built like a coal bunker with some proper gaming hardware in. The body is alu making for a nice cool laptop.
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Old 19-11-10, 05:00 PM
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Yea the m11x is good and you can try getting an R2. Just be aware of the hinge issue, apart from that a great little laptop most love it. Check the m11x section on the notebookreview forums for more info on it if eBay is an option for you.
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