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Hi all.

So this mate of mine who ended up with the bummy EVGA told me last night that in it was an E8600. Thus, it's a really really good CPU and therefore it would be nice if he could actually use it for a while. The EVGA is totally screwed and doesn't pick up any more than 2gb ram. This isn't fixable because EVGA suck monkey nuts and ditched his board for the rev2. So there are no bios updates.

Any way, for months I have been trying to explain to him just how good the E8600 is and how he should find a board (even though they are hard to get) and use it for once. I mean crap, he paid $350 for it almost two years ago !

Right. So boards are very thin on the ground but we did find this.


Which is basically an OEM built P7 Diamond made by MSI. It was made for the Acer Predator (that whacky looking orange thing).

Price? $65 shipped so peanuts (about £40). He has some really nice parts that are all misplaced ATM. These are -

Patriot Viper 1066 DDR2. The really awesome green ones that are massive.

Powercolor Radeon 5850 that he wants to replace with a 470 'good edition' as he's been wanting Physx for ages.

Either a HAF or a Predator 2 (Alienware)


Two 500gb baras. So it's not bad gear he has it's just not all together in one place.

Has any one ever used one of these MSIs? I have to say it's really awesome looking.

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