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Old 21-10-10, 07:44 PM
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Ok this is my old computer, well half of it is my current computer to.

Antec 900 Two case - I liked the look,, air flow and build strength of this case, the size was fine it fitted every thing fine.

Being a computer tecky I was opening my PC many times a month and this is not a case you want to do that with, and the air filters are stupid, the idea of them is good but the screws on this case OMFG! Lets say You wanted to clean out one of the two front air filters, and had the case built and put together 100%, there is 12 scres to undo to get to one air filter and another 8 if u want to get to the second one, so 20 screws need to be undone and done up again to clean 2 filters, hence in the pic's you see I took them out

Also was glad to get rid of that power supply for a modular one

eVGA GTS250 756M/2200M 512MB

Asus 9800GTX DK


INTEL i7 860 2.8GHz @ 3.8

Corsair HX750w PSU


Running windows 7

2x 1TB blacks

2x1.5TB Greens

Ill post my new system when I find the memery card for my Camera


|Cosmos S2 - Rampage4E - I7 [email protected] - AX1200 -H100 - 16GB 1600 -120 GT SSD - 2x3TB - Dual 460's - 4 Assu 24" 1080p screens|
|DF-85 - i7 870 - 8GB 1600 - 9x 2TB HDD's|
|Antec 600 two - P5Q Pro - Q9400 - 8GB 800Mhz - 60GB SSD|
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