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Old 27-08-10, 10:00 AM
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"Commodore USA makes a throwback to an old-school favorite."

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Old 27-08-10, 02:18 PM
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legends must not be tampered with! it's like meeting Roger Moore, or driving a Bugatti Veyron!

you DON'T do it or you spoil it! the Commodore 64 must remain in the history books as "the great one that started it all" no V2's :-(
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Old 27-08-10, 04:47 PM
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haha one looks like a laptop without a screen

the invictus looks about the best one


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Old 27-08-10, 05:01 PM
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Next new Amiga

ICE scream ice SCREAM!
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Old 27-08-10, 05:20 PM
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that looks quite nice to be honist
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Old 30-08-10, 05:25 PM
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Gah! They are going to ruin it, especially by putting atom inside >_> If anything they should use the original construction and put full powered laptop components inside...
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Old 03-09-10, 08:13 AM
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i never got the pleasure of owning one of the original systems but i was told they were the original computers and every one built from their, not sure if that is true, but i will admit one thing if the orignals looked like those pics there :S, im not sure i would have wanted one lol
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Old 04-09-10, 12:30 PM
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if they could put all new gubbings in the old C64 keyboard/chassis that would be so cool, they could do the Hard Drive as the tape deck lol.

I had a C64, used to play Armalyte and Afterburner on it, i remember a mate of mine, he had Dragon ninja, but it only "loaded" if the tape deck was placed face down, ahh the good old days
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Old 04-09-10, 01:31 PM
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Talking of Commodore.. I found these last week.


Must say they look rather nice

And the cooling looks, well, different? haha.

Edit. Hmm. That might even be man enough to support my quadfire.. Might have to consider making him an offer on one.
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Old 15-09-10, 10:19 PM
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blasphemy, abomination
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