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Old 28-07-10, 08:32 PM
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ASAP - Friend advice

Hi, another question for you all.

He is looking for a laptop for 1000 quid max (excuse the no pound sign, on Windows on Mac with random drivers).

He was looking at Alienware but I said I'd look into it a bit for him. What would you guys recommend?

He is looking for a laptop to play games on. He has no space for a desktop PC where he is now, so a laptop is a must.

He was also mentioning WAN or connect to the internet from anywhere (don't know what he was meaning, I guess similar to a dongle?), he said this would be a nice touch since apparently it comes free with Sony laptops.

So can anyone recommend a laptop which would play games (latest) with decent FPS.

1000 pound max!

Thanks a lot people!!!!

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Old 28-07-10, 09:09 PM
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Wasn't Tom selling a decent msi lappy?
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Old 28-07-10, 09:28 PM
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Ok had a little look around and for that money, I kept digging up the MSI GT740-021UK (£955 best price as it's 1 in stock clearance).

I found a review of it and it looked alright but it did get beaten by the Toshiba Qosmio X500-10T (£930 but not in stock) if you can find stock of it.

I did come accross this: Samsung R780-JS1BUK (Price £925 and in stock) though which I haven't seen a reveiw for. It has a slow CPU, but it does have superior graphics to both of the above. It has a slightly lower res than the Toshiba though.

There may be better out there, but that will give you a starting point at the price range.
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Old 28-07-10, 11:55 PM
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hear is my ideas


have a look at mesh aswell dude
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