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Old 07-04-10, 11:06 PM
Daza Daza is offline
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Silly USB dvd/cd drives.

As per title, who ever thought these up needs to seriously rethink them and the drivers.

For the past hour Ive been trying to burn an ISO to a cd not hard normally takes 5-mins, tonight though ALL my burning utility's refused to work on both external drives, and to top it of iTunes and wmp didnt want to play ball either.

I know exactly what the problem is as it happened all the time on xp, and was mostly fixable, now ive moved over to win7 I cant really mess about with the drivers as much as I could under xp so Im stuck with two usb drives that refuse to be written to.

I know they serve a purpose to be handy and eliminate the mess inside a case (reason I bought one) but I am now seriously putting my trusty sata drive back in as Ive just plugged it in and finished burning that ISO, why oh why cant all things be that simple.

Bed time.

MR D to you.
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Old 08-04-10, 02:17 PM
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What do u mean to save mess inside your case. Lol

The idea behind external drives is not that.

1) So people like me who go fix systems can use them.

2) laptops with out drives

3) Portable

and ive never had a problem with my drives under any system. Normally under USB if it doesn't work on a USB port you need to change it to a USB 2 port instead to find it works better. And never on my earth would i have a removable USB drive on my main computers... lol
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Old 08-04-10, 02:21 PM
Youngie1337 Youngie1337 is offline
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I only use external USB DVD/RW. I don't have an internal one, don't see the point since all I use it for is installing the OS.

I use my external one when needed for games, but never had a problem.

It burns fine, works fine for booting from... I guess you just have had a bad experience from them.
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Old 08-04-10, 03:26 PM
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Similar deal here. Install the OS in question, then remove the device.

In order to use an optical when I need to, I've made the sata/power connections easily accessible to 1 pc so I can plug the br/rw to it when needed.

Other than that I'm generally on the mbp - which I can assure u has a worser-muchly optical in it than any of the usb ones I have.

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Old 08-04-10, 05:07 PM
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I always use externals and have never had problems.

Daza you need to get the rabits to stop eating the wires and youll be fine
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