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Old 12-02-10, 12:22 AM
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Home LAN Setup

Hi guys ive currently got hold of a bt homehub that im wanting to use for my home network and im planning on using it for file sharing only between my laptop and pc. Im running xp64 sp1 on the pc and windows 7 premium 64 on the laptop and was wondering how i would set them up for file sharing so that i can access my files from my laptop on my pc and vice versa??

I have the homehub connected to the pc via a athernet cable as i havent got a wireless card and the laptop is connected to the homehub wirelessly. Is this possible to do with the current setup?????

The xp64 setup wizard asked me to inssert my xp64 disc into any pc i wanted to connect to which i did on my laptop, it then showed a password on the laptop which i had to insert into the computer and it then transferred the settings accross. Since then i wanted to send some files accross to the PC from my laptop but dont know how to..

Please help this is my first time ever setting up a lan so all information will be VERY useful....

Cheers in advance guys

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Old 12-02-10, 07:03 PM
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Try this guide mate

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Old 13-02-10, 11:42 AM
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Thanks for the video link it was helpful but not what im after. The problem is im running win7 premium on my laptop and xp 64 on the desktop and thats where the problem is. The two are connected to the homehub as the laptop says limited connectivity to bt-homehub and the pc says local area connection connected. Im looking to use my pc as a file server which stores all data i.e. films, music etc to be streamed wirelesly to my laptop and xbox from my main pc.

I am now looking to find my laptop on my pc so that i can set up a file sharing folder or network drive that can be accessed on both laptop and pc.

Can it be done with these two OS's or will i have to upgrade xp 64 to vista or win7??

Cheers in advance
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Old 09-03-10, 02:08 PM
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Nothing wrong with the OS's

limited connectivity to bt-homehub - usually means its unable to get an IP address. Make sure that both computers are set for DHCP and that the homehub is attached by Cat5 patch cables to both computers.

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