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Old 08-02-10, 02:13 AM
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Driver help

Okay, I tried this hack here:


I did all the steps, and when I restarted my computer I cannot use my mouse at all. Is there a way to fix it/revert back to normal?


Edit: It has also come apparent that my keyboard doesn't function after startup neither. I can use my arrows to chose safe mode ext, but nothing afterwords.


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Old 08-02-10, 03:18 AM
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You will need to restore back to the original usbport.sys. Best thing to do is get it from the disc or something. I posted a fix on how to actually get it to work.

To be able to use anything from now on you will need to replace the USBPORT.SYS file with the original, you can use the keyboard and mouse in the mean time using PS/2 connection peripherals.

I posted the change here:

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Old 21-06-10, 03:11 PM
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Thanks for that help it is easy way to download Drivers according to your motherboard
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