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Samsung 55" LCD TV advise

Hi all

Work has asked us to find a TV for use in our sales room so we have been round the place looking at as many panels as we could.

We came across the Samsung 55" LE55B651 (same as LE55B650 or LE55B652 just different colour)

Samsung Link

It had a great picture in the two places we found it set up.

It really put most to shame.

We plugged up works resident house brick, Alienware M17, to it to see how it would work as a monitor, it's main function. It worked very well.

Well I was thinking to upgrade at the end of 2010 but seeing as work is getting one I can jump on the band wagon and get one too...

So here are my questions to you all :

Is it worth getting a 6 series instead of the newer 7 series?

Why is the max res it can display 1400 x something when plugged up via HDMI. The lappy has a 1900 x ..... screen and SLI GTX 280 so it can handle the advertised native 1900 x ... res ?

Any input would be great as always.


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