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Old 01-12-09, 10:18 PM
retrogamer1990 retrogamer1990 is offline
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Have a read of my work :)

What do you think to this?


Ribbon ________________________

The quiet breath that crosses my lips,

Dances softly in the air, floating

Towards you, it wraps around,

Tightly it holds, but warmly.

Unbreakable vows caress you,

Relentless devotion holds you.

There is no bitterness to my tongue,

Taste only sweet truths and affections.

Whisper back, in your romantic language,

That I barely comprehend,

But I interpret the subtle meaning,

That even your delicious words cannot describe.

Speech is meaningless, forgotten

Desire calmly, silently, explodes from your eyes,

Rapturous sparks fly, penetrating the air,

Uniting us in electric ecstasy.

I promise to you, to free these dreams,

And see these excessive fantasies,

Spread into a living, breathing, undulating, reality,

To bring rich, lascivious colour, into your grey world.

The intimate frequency increases,

Becoming audible, Involuntary,

It is impossible to restrain,

The most powerful emotion.

The frenzied pitch of our desires,

Is uncontrollable, and

Utterly Impossible to describe,

Nonetheless, I try...

This is the closest, The Closest I can get;

I love you.




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Old 02-12-09, 04:45 PM
WelshD1K WelshD1K is offline
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is it a poem or a song?
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