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Old 09-11-09, 03:43 AM
Philogogus Philogogus is offline
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Trying to narrow down a video problem... need a second opinion


I am having a computer problem that I want a second opinion on. I was innocently playing WoW, and all of a sudden my display starts artifacting. I CTD, then glance down at the status bar. It said my driver stopped working... then restarted. So I try to play again... and the exact same thing happens.

So I uninstall and reinstall my video drivers... and it does it still. So I remove and reinstall DirectX 9.0c and 10... still the same problem. So I power off completely... during boot I notice there are now green artifacts (vertical lines) on my mobo boot logo and blue dots before my graphics card initializes Direct3D.

So, in a last act of desperation I format my PC and reinstall Windows Vista 64 (I was at Windows 7 x64). The problem still occurs on boot (obviously...) and I can't even get DirectX to initalize properly in the OS. I can still crank my resolution up to my monitors native level, so my card is at least partially working.

Have I completely and totally proven that it is a hardware problem or is there something else I can try?

Thanks in advance!

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Old 09-11-09, 04:55 AM
monkey7 monkey7 is offline
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Sounds like artifacts, which would mean your graphics card is buggered.

Do you have any other card to test with? Even if it's just a cheapo PCI or onboard graphics chip.

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Old 10-11-09, 08:02 PM
Philogogus Philogogus is offline
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Thank you for the response. It was indeed a dead card, I took it out and my onboard works fine. Luckily, I have a BFG so they are going to replace the card for free
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Old 10-11-09, 11:52 PM
sammytomjohn sammytomjohn is offline
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let us know what they replace it with for you! you might get a free upgrade
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