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Old 04-11-09, 03:41 PM
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Samsung t260 vs dell ultrasharp 2408wfp

Hello everyone

I am on the market for a new monitor....

I am stuck on these two ( i know they differ in screen size) But personally i am more interested in IMAGE QUALITY AND COLOR REPRODUCTION ( overall best gaming and movie watching experience) rather than screen size... I will be using it for Gaming,Movies,video editing

You guys know the technical details so plzzz help me out!!!!

Any advice from a guy who has compared both would be of GREAT HELP!!!

P.S. I saw some videos on youtube and in most of them the Dell ultrasharp had more vibrant colors....

I also run an i7 920, GTX 285 sli on a 17 inch LG(1024x1280) ( 500 fps FEAR anyone??? ) High time i get a better monitor...

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Old 04-11-09, 03:59 PM
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Some info on the T260:


Some info on the 2408:


The Samsung is bigger than the designed size for 1920x1200 resolution, which is a -ve for me personally. It's price is cheaper. I've got a TV by Samsung and can forgive the appearance of the case, the shiney black is annoying - for monitors I just don't like it.

The Dell is known to be a classic monitor @ 24". It's also that much more expensive.

I've not seen the 2 side by side, which is the only real way to get a +ve comment on the comparison, other than that it'll be personal preference. If I can afford either, I'd get the Dell.

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