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Old 08-09-09, 11:27 PM
ironviper ironviper is offline
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So about this i5.

So lets say I wanna get a few new computers to work at home. Is the i5 a good upgrade from a Pentium D? Working with autocad and lots of adobe pdf generations etc etc. Is the difference from the tripple channel of i7 to i5 so noticeable? Any suggestions would be great. I'm in the USA, so if you could please suggest purchase locations based here, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks One thing I forgot, the memory for the i5, can it be DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) ??

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Old 08-09-09, 11:42 PM
Ducky Spud Ducky Spud is offline
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From a Pentium D you should notice a massive improvement! But as for going i7 or i5 really depends on what your doing. i7 I'd say is better for lots of heavy media work due to the fact it has hyper threading. The i5 should be just as fast in the majority of other tasks though.

I guess if you have the money, going for a 920 i7 would be the best move. Its been out for a while and there are lots of reviews around for whats best to buy. The i5 750 would be cheaper but you would be guessing a bit with which mobo to buy as there arnt many reviews for them around yet as its obviously just been released
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Old 08-09-09, 11:50 PM
ironviper ironviper is offline
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Posts: 55
Okay cool. I'm also gonna shop for the case and the rest of the stuff, and I want it to be QUIET. NO NOISE!. What do you suggest? that is, case, cpu cooler, PSU.
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Old 09-09-09, 04:55 AM
monkey7 monkey7 is offline
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I think an i5 is more than what you need, autoCAD is still single threaded anyway. So no need for i7.

For the case I've always like the cooler master centurion 590 because of its harddisk mounting and simplicity. If you buy three silent fans and a fan controller with it you shouldn't hear it.

PSU wise the corsair 750w unit recently got an ace oc3d review.

CPU cooler, I've got the noctua NH-U12P socket 1366 package and I like it, a lot. Of course you don't have socket 1366 so you'd have to look around for an 1156 or whatever i5 is. Do they have the same mounting holes?

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Old 13-09-09, 05:08 PM
naveen.the.1 naveen.the.1 is offline
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yup you have a good choice man.go for the i5 but i'm not sure about the memory..
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Old 13-09-09, 08:07 PM
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monkeys already recomended a psu but i personaly like the modxstream (modular) or stealthxstream (non modular) by ocz, VERY quiet psu's, id highly recomend them
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