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Old 26-07-09, 01:31 AM
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Getting into Water

Hi guys,

I've been wanting to get into watercooling for a little while now and have been offered the follwing kit for £50,

* Black Ice Xtreme 2 Radiator

* XSPC Universal CPU Water Block

* Anodised Blue Reservoir

* Eheim 1048 Water Pump

* Criticool Power Plant PCI (to run pump from pc on stratup)

* 15x Jubilee clips for the tubing.

* Industrial stregth 1/2" inside diameter tubing with inlaid weeving for extra strength

* Normal pices of 1/2" inside diameter tubing

* Flow meter

Wondered whether it is worth the money and if it is good enough to cool my Overclocked Phenom II 720 CPU??

Also, would the flow from the pump and the rad be sufficient to add in a GPU cooler at a later date??

Thanks in advance!


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Old 26-07-09, 01:33 AM
PeterStoba PeterStoba is offline
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The kit is a little old now and there is better on the market. Worth the money? Maybe, depends, I don't think temps will be that good if you overclock, a decent setup will cost like 3 / 4 times more though...

Radiator would struggle with a GPU and CPU
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Old 26-07-09, 02:12 AM
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personally would not add a GPU to block to that set up(nothing to do with flow more heat dispensation will be your problem. You need a 3 x 120mm rad for GPU and CPU cooling Min.

But for £50 its not to bad. you how ever don't need a flow meter that's just a gimmick because you'll know if you water is flow or not.

The only problem you have is the pump but for a beginner set up it would do you fine.

The tubing is cheap tubing how ever and for better flow rate and smoother flow id go for tygon tubing in that system as it will help in cooling and movement of water flow.
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Old 26-07-09, 07:20 PM
diablo170 diablo170 is offline
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What kind of budget are you working on or is 50 the max?
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Old 27-07-09, 12:41 PM
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The pump is a pond pump, was used for PC's but is pretty old and noisey.

The industrial hose.... is garden hose pipe probably.

The only thing in that kit worth having is the cpu block and the rad.

But tbh matey if you can find £100 you can source used parts that will be much better long term than that kit belive me.
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Old 27-07-09, 09:33 PM
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yea ttl is right £100 will get you much better kit that will last longer and will suit you btter especially with a i7 and gpu to cool.

for my first water colling setup i gotten:

HE120.3 - £35

delta v3 - £30

DCC pro - £30

tubing - £6

dionised water from halfords - £5


and still using ti today, also got a danger den maze 5 for £7 which i dont use yet :P

but i think prices have droped and you can get a kit preforming as good or equal to it for a bit cheaper. i even started to find pa120.3 for around £35 on member markets on a few sites.
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Old 13-07-10, 05:33 PM
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it is best to buy everything individually. swiftech mcp655 is a good pump. swiftech mcp quietpower rads are decent. Any of the latest D-tek, swiftech, or EK cpu blocks are top notch. everything else as far as tubing, res, etc is preference pretty much
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