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Old 20-07-09, 11:17 PM
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kworld plus tv analog pci card

i have this card and runing good under xp 32 and xp 64, i dont like the new software media center that will run the tv in almost full screen mode inside the media center application, so i searched for the old application (quick tv) from kworld and it worked smoothly with the driver for this card. this is the good part.

now the bad part, is that when i switched to vista 64, nothing is working now from this card, the drivers are not working, and the application is not supported by vista. i downloded the updated drivers to support vista 64 and the new media center, yes it works now, but the deinterlacing is not good now, and while playing the tv, i start to hear some random artifacts noise (something like a hammer work or a driller) and then it will disappear to show up again after a while, is there a way for a solution or any suggestion or pointing to a new driver or better pvr application (excluding chris tv).

thanks in advance for any help.

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Old 21-07-09, 01:55 PM
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Join Date: Mar 2009
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Old 21-07-09, 03:06 PM
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It may be worth uninstalling it all and trying again?
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Old 21-07-09, 05:10 PM
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Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 30
more than 6 times uninstall and clean drivers, and reinstall, all combinations of drivers and or softwares, with same symptoms, even i rolledback to the point before installing any sound or tv drivers and reistalling everything around 8 times, with no luck.

i think i need a good 7131SE vista 64 good driver, coz the one i have make the random cracks noise, whatever i use the hypermedia center application or chris tv.
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Old 06-08-09, 09:35 AM
Graham Maynard Graham Maynard is offline
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Hi namya.

I just purchased a PlusTV analogue PCI because I wanted PCTV on XP to replace the excellent PCTV I've had for 10 years on a Win98/Me. I do have a full Vista media main.

Took 5 goes to install including a Restore, and it is B-Awful.

Previously I had one double click, instant picture plus press a designated 'F' key to choose the channel.

This PlusTV is only fully functional via its HyperMedia software and many mouse clicks, so takes 25 seconds to get a picture before you can select the wanted channel, whereupon you must insert the actual 2 number RF channel and not a single button press as with domestic also my previous PCTV.

Does that 'Quick TV' make viewing instant and do you still need to select the RF channel, as opposed to single button selection ? Or should I send this rubbish back under trades description ?

Also where did you get the software you used, and what version ?

Presumably I'd need to erase present version, restore AGAIN, and start afresh ?

Thanking you in advance for any help you might be able to offer. I am a Silversurfer, not a buff.
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