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Old 26-05-09, 09:37 AM
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What was your first !!!!

So you like modding, over clocking, pushing the boundary.

So what were you first ...

My First soldering and mod was a Spectrum (not the ZX lol it was a Home built home computer that you bought and had to build your self)

My first CPU over clock was a 486 dx 100 over clocked to 120 mhz which was amazing as i used a massive fan lol ...

My First GPU over clock was a Voodoo 1 which i blew up with in the first hour of owning it ..... The 2 days later i bought another one ...

My first water cooling Home built PC was a Pentium 200 0_o and a Car rad and bucket of water and a solid lump of copper lol .... Needless to say it didn't work very well.

My first Led mods were done on a Xbox.

And i have never done a full case mod (as in PC)

so what were your fist ....

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Old 26-05-09, 09:42 AM
Youngie1337 Youngie1337 is offline
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Mod wise I made a computer out of wood . I took apart my desk for no reason and built my computer case LOL. I used a saw, drill and a screwdriver!

Also LED mods was my first good comp 7800GT Amd 4400+x2 2Gb !, was the bees knees back in 2003-2004?

Not really done much but I know there is more just can't think at the moment lol.
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Old 26-05-09, 07:21 PM
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The first CPU that I ever overclocked was an AMD Athlon 700MHz Slot A CPU with an MSI K7 Pro board from an Evesham computer.

My first PC build was in 2003 IIRC with an Aopen XC Cube EZ65-II Barebone kit.

First DIY gaming build was in Summer 2005 with a Venice core Athlon 64 3000+, DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D (best board I've ever owned) and 1GB of TCCD based RAM

First graphics card overclock was my Radeon 9800XT 256mb GDDR from my Dell Dimension 8300. Was around 420MHz on the core and 750MHz on the ram, with an Arctic Cooling silencer.

I've actually never carried out any case mods!
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Old 26-05-09, 07:46 PM
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My first computer of any kind was a Sinclair ZX81. What memories. Hours of coding to lose on a keystroke. My first build was a pentium 2 266 SECC back in June 1997. I've been overclocking ever since.
i7 2600K
MSI Big Bang Marshall
16GB G-Skill RipjawsZ F3-17000CL9Q 2133MHz
MSI GTX680 Twin FrozrIII OC

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Old 26-05-09, 07:54 PM
j.woody j.woody is offline
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my first computer was a pentium 3 that my cousin built for me. i got it when i was 6 or 7 years old which was 1999/2000. apparently it cost quite a bit, i still have the motherboard and processor some where, started it up the other day and it works!. then my dad gave me his 4year old lappy a couple of year ago which now is 6 years old.

my first lappy and comp, good memories!
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Old 26-05-09, 08:21 PM
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i may sound posh, but the 1st computer i had, like in my own room and shiz waz a hp pavillion desktop with, Q6600 GO, 3gb 667mhz, 512mb 8500gt, 350w nd 500+320gb hd's

Mummy loved me then... now i have to buy my own parts
NZXT S340 / i7-4790 / MSI Z97 Gaming 3 / TeamGroup Vulcan 8GB / MSI GTX 970 / Sandisk 256GB & 960GB / Super Flower 450W Platinum
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Asus N550LF 15" / i5-4200U / 6GB / GT 745M / SK 250GB / Touchscreen
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Old 26-05-09, 08:28 PM
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Never had the need to build a pc til the K7 age, cos I was a commodore boy. Soldering wize was audio stuff mostly and microprocessors in school.

1st bunch of AMD Athlon stuff I got with the help of a m8 of mine cos he'd used a pc about 6 months longer than me - he spilt coke over it after it was built. >.<

It didn't effect it tho - what effected it was the psu was duff. The 350W or so Hiper I got after that lasted aggggeeeessss.

Can't remember at what point oc'ing came into it. I mean I know the amiga went up by something like 12mhz thanks to some weird mod thing, sheesh.

I know OC3D egged me on a bit mind. Used to be more interested in programming and decent OSes b4 I got a pc.

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Old 31-08-09, 09:02 PM
iceie iceie is offline
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Gonna be building my first gaming pc in about 2 or 3 day
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Old 01-09-09, 12:19 AM
PeterStoba PeterStoba is offline
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My first system build was a Q6600 based system.

My first CPU overclock was a Q6600

My first GPU overclock was an 8800GTS G92

My first watercooling was using most of the same components from my first build (CPU, motherboard, ram, etc etc).
Silverstone SG05B | i3 530 | Scythe Shuriken | DFI LanParty MI P55-T36 | 4GB Kingston HyperX 1333Mhz | XFX 5450 512MB | Samsung SN-T083C | Intel X25-V 40GB | Samsung F1 1TB

LGW2452TX-PF | Logitech G9 | Logitech G15 | Logitech Z5500

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Old 01-09-09, 06:55 AM
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First system build was my current rig (added some upgrades though)

First overclock was my AMD Athlon 2400+ which I pushed to 2.8GHz (Found OC3D by doing it )

First GPU Geforce Ti 4200 something like that
3770k @ 4.5GHz | MSI Z77-GD65 |16GB Corsair Vengeance LP | MSI GTX670 Power Edition | Corsair AX850
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