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Old 10-05-09, 10:07 AM
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Scratch build

Long story short: I'm (probably) going to build my rig into my desk. I'm currently designing the whole thing, and I'm looking at what I need.

- Front panel, needs at least 2*USB (preferably 4), eSATA and sound. Maybe a subtle power led too.

- Motherboard tray. I heard LiLi sells them?

- Harddisk caddy. Various brands produce them, any in particular you can recommend?

- 5.25" bays. I'll need at least two for my fan controller and DVD drive. Are they sold seperately?

Or should I just buy a €30 case and rip its guts out?


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Old 10-05-09, 10:08 AM
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TBH a 30 euro case would be a much cheaper option, although it probably won't look as good
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