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Old 16-04-09, 12:19 AM
xX_o2_Xx xX_o2_Xx is offline
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Hello :)

Hi, just thought i'd also introduce my self to the community, this seems like such a great forum, shame about some of the restrictions but i can purely understand why and it's a good reason too .

my name is kyle, and since this is a computing forum i guess i could introduce my computer, :P

i named her erm... let's call her, (having to think now); i shall name it larry :P

specs of it are:

Intel core 2 duo e6750 @ 2.66ghz

2gb @ 800mhz standard cheapo ddr2 ram

MSI MS 7357 G33 motherboard

Saphire ATI Radeon 4670 512mb

running windows 7 leaked beta 7077

looking at ways to upgrade my computer, any suggestions, i was thinking of an i7 920 with a nvidia GTX 260 with 6gb of ddr3 ram, antec 900 2 possibly, not thought of a board yet, what do we think?

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Old 16-04-09, 12:21 AM
xX_o2_Xx xX_o2_Xx is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 22
and also does anyone think £400 is a fair price for my machine, because i was planning on selling it to contribute towards the new machine, i don't have a job and have a small income of £80 per month ya see
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Old 16-04-09, 12:29 AM
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Welcome to OC3D Kyle.

I see you mention that you currently have £80pm. Perhaps you need to think whether it is worth spending all your money on a new rig or if it could be put to better use.

I don't want to deter you from building a new rig if that is indeed what you have your heart set on doing, but as you don't have the money flooding in it may be more sensible to make some minor upgrades such as the memory and graphics card. Also you should be able to overclock that CPU to at least 3.2ghz which will help with games.

What do you use the computer for mostly?
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Old 16-04-09, 12:33 AM
xX_o2_Xx xX_o2_Xx is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 22
Indeed i have got my cpu to 3.2ghz and it works perfectly, but my machine is getting old-ish at 1 and a half years,

I mainly use it for games really, and now that i've had a taste of crysis where my system gets around 8-20fps overclocked i got a thirst for replacing it with one that can actually run games now and in future, with a decent looking case which i can make modifications to, LED's for example to make it stand out
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