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Old 25-01-09, 08:19 PM
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ASUS Rampage II Extreme failing DIMM slot

I have just RMA'd my new motherboard because the DIMM_B1 slot didn't work. Atleast that seems to be the problem. All 3 dimms where testet in all slots of the MB and in pairs since 3 dimms led to a no boot situation. The thing I have been worrying about the last 2 days is that it's not the motherboard that is faulty...

I tested it with all available BIOS versions. I tested it outside the cabinet and I got the same results every time.

3x2GB in DIMM_A1, B1 and C1 = No boot. LCD display showing DET DRAM

2x2GB in DIMM_A1 and B1 = No boot. LCD display showing DET DRAM

2x2GB in DIMM_B1 and C1 = Boot, but only 2GB ram detected both in BIOS, OS and CpuZ.

2x2GB in DIMM_A1 and C1 = Boot and all ram detected in BIOS, OS and CpuZ

1x2GB in DIMM_A1 or C1 = Boot and correct detection og 2GB

1x2GB in DIMM_B1 = No boot and LCD display showing DET DRAM

Also I got the BIOS message "OC failed. Press F1 to enter BIOS or F2 to load default settings and continue" very often. I had not touched any settings for OC in BIOS. Only setting in BIOS was RAID.

Is there anyone that has experienced something similar? Or anyone that knows if this behavior could be from any other component? Faulty memory controller in the cpu (I hope not)?

Any response is appreciated.

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