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Old 22-01-09, 10:15 AM
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Manufacturers Drop Nvidia GPU Orders

"High inventory stock backup has resulted in canceled orders of Nvidia GPUs"

Read on

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Old 22-01-09, 12:24 PM
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Is this really that surprising....with the ammount of Re-Brands Nvidia have been knocking out over the past 2 years its evident that with the global crisis and people trying to run stock levels down that a shrinkage of the huge range of products to a core line is innevitable...especially when you see prices being hiked by nearly 40% due to the high dollar rate against the GBP...means that us poor sods in the UK are gonna be paying higher prices then 6 months back..meaning in turn less sales...with even asus turning a loss for the first time ever production has to come in line with actual consumer sales...its crap...lets hope things improve...because otherwise were gonna lose the pound...and be welcoming in the Euro...
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