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Old 04-12-08, 11:02 AM
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Auzentech Unveils X-Fi Forte 7.1

"X-Fi Forte Low-Profile Sound Card announced for Gamers and Audiophiles"

Read on

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Old 04-12-08, 11:40 AM
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ooooo i like the look of that!!!!

i was about to scream 'omg 7.1 but not over toslink wtf' but then saw the big adapter thingy they made.. i really , really like the look of this be nice to clear out the space at the bottom of the case... be nice to see how this performs as pci-express too i have 1 slot right above my graphics card which is screaming for this

any chance of you guys picking one up for review? this could be impressive
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Old 04-12-08, 01:34 PM
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Hmmm I love it

I should really start looking into soundcards though, I really do not know what most of those audiophiles are talking about when exchanging sound card specifications. I'd like to hear my speaker set on a serious soundcard though ^^

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Old 04-12-08, 07:59 PM
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They made this as low-profile yet they also target gamers.

That made me confused until I figured it out can also be used as part of a HTPC with a low profile GPU.

These people are clever
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Old 04-12-08, 08:00 PM
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And besides that, a low profile card obstructs the air flow less when you have the card in the highest PCI-e x1 slot

And it just looks sexy ^^

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