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Old 03-12-08, 11:42 AM
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Intel Offers New Features for 4 Series Chipset

DDR3, 24P support as well as a number of media enhancements - will the Intel 4 Series be the attractive chipset for LGA775?

Details in the news article

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Old 03-12-08, 04:22 PM
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hehe, Entry to Mid range setups on 775 did make me chuckle a bit I have tbh. They do however think into the future with their projections.

Will windows7 make the best of the 775 setups "Entry to Mid range", that is another concern u could draw from their thinking.

I think not tho.

The DDR3 thing I don`t fully understand. It was my impression that the chipset was already DDR3, but it had to be toned down if mobo manufacturers wanted to use DDR2 on it. Perhaps they`re talking about DDR3 V2 that doesn`t require over 1.5v, or can be tri-channel or I`m totally not understanding what the heck they`re on about.

G prefix to the series of chipsets to me for Intel have always made me think "not as good as the I or X versions, but if ur lucky it`ll have onboard graphics" - sort of mobo.

One thing is for sure tho, there will be some good consolidation 775 mobos coming out next year imo.

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