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Old 23-11-08, 11:32 AM
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More Eee Top Details

"A few more details have arisen about Asus' upcoming all-in-one PC"

Read on

Core i5 750 [email protected] under OCZ Vendetta 2

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2x Evga 9600GT SSC SLI

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Corsair VX550w, Ghettoed Antec Super Lanboy

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Old 23-11-08, 04:34 PM
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These all-in-one efforts would have a massive advantage if they had hdmi and wireless kb/mouse. In the form of a dock perhaps carrying a few more usb ports.

U can have the crazyness of portability for the short period it holds the interest, and be able to sit it in a dock when u get home to use it to get more use as an entertainment add-on for ur tv. Perhaps for those who want to feel good that they know the internet exists, but are scared to buy a proper pc. Could look nice too if they varied the colors, black, white, grey and pink to go with the shirt.

The iMac clone, can't see it happening.

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