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Old 20-11-08, 08:33 PM
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Elements Series Fire - Hell Fire - WelshD1k

Full Custom Build for WelshD1k

Modified Lian Li A70

Custom side panel

Custom integrated roof grill

Custom front panel

Candy Apple Red paint with a fade out base coat

Custom Painted PSU with red led fan mod

Carbon fibre floor and custom mount for cpu block

Full system build including a custom 2 loop watercooling install

Set up and over clocking

Hardware Componants:

Asus P5K Premuim


OCZ Reaper 4gb PC8000


Thermaltake 750w

Samsung Spinpoint 250gb


2x DDC Ultras with XSPC Res tops

Thermochill PA120.3 with push pull red led Xilence fans

Thermochill PA120.2 with push pull red led Xilence fans

XSPC Edge V2 CPU Block

EK GPU and full motherboard blocks

Anyways the info I got from welshy at the start was "Lian Li A70 please mate"

And then after about an hour i got "dark, maybe evil....hmm deffo black maybe another colour too"

Other than that I could do what I wanted, perfect kinda guy in my opinion!

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Old 26-11-08, 08:33 PM
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some stock photos

Some work is already done, the side panel is cut already, the roof WAS ready also, but thanks to welshy buying a 4870x2 thats all changed.

There is now a 120.3 going in the roof and a 120.2 in the front.


Now Ive been working on this design all week and I think Ive finaly cracked getting flames in to a 120.3 grill and still have good airflow......

thats going over to be cut again on monday, welshy has been told no more changes now because its a pita getting new roofs!

What do you think of that grill....?

Been out in the manshed all morning, been itching to get on with the front of the case all week.

Right the plan was to cut away the perforated section uin the front of the A70 and remove the switches while there aswell. Then Id insert some mesh and mount the 120.2 behind that. But I had a spare grill cut into the 1st roof so decided to go nuts with the bandsaw, chop up the roof and mount it in the front!

right on with the pictures and you will see!

front and roof before cutting

Ooooops not much of that left!

And this is where it will be, Ill bolt or rivet the grill too the case and the rad will mount to this. Ill round off all the edges and the powdercoat should help smooth it off abit.

***FAO all modders this is a health and saftey warning***




Took me about 20mins to get it out of my eye!

I cut the original switches and mesh out of the front

And then inserted the new mesh, its still got its protective coating on thats why its shiney

I loose bolted in the rad and some fans just as a mock up

I put a light behind the grill and mesh to show what it will look like when the red led xilence fans will look like in the final build.

The protective cover and the angle of the camera dont help show the 'D1K' in the name but it looks fine sat here looking at it, just couldnt get the cam to show it with the light

When the rig is off the grill will be almost stealthed, it will only been seen really when the rig is on and lit up!

Thats it for now Im back off out in the shed!

Went over to the watercutters today, they picked up on afew mistakes I made on the original design so went over there so they could show me where Id gone wrong. This is my very 1st cad venture so the learning curve has been HUGE!!!!

Anyways we decided to run a test off on some 2mm alu to set the machine up and see if there was any places when actualy cut Id want to change.

The cutter!

Action shots!

Popped it out for a closer look!

I dont know what you guys think but Im well happy.

I am going to widen afew points just to make it look better in the flesh, but for a 1st test cut Im buzzing!

Im going to edit the drawing now and the real strengthening plate and the roof will be cut tomorow.

But its all set up, the roof is on some ply to help the metal not lift too much, they have been having to hold it down with weights anyways just where the cuts are so very fine!

How I left it......

So what do you guys think of my very 1st grill design!?

Another update! Just got back (yet again) from the water cutters and the powder coaters! Starting work at 5am and working till 5:30pm is starting to take its tole, but when I get to do things like this its all worth while

Pics will explain all

Satin black chassis

PCI covers ect and some wire covers I had lying about so got them done too for some reason!

Now big news....... The roof is done!!

Theres a cut for a bulgin right at the front and then the other cuts are for the zalman controller that will be stealthed!
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Old 10-12-08, 02:57 PM
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Ive finaly got all the parts for welshys build here now *whooop!*

I had some spare time this morning so got his chassis all together,

Im going to get an OS on there and do some air tests then make a start on all the watercooling..... should be fun

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Old 10-12-08, 07:11 PM
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Thats looking sweet so far Tom Love the paint! I grabbed me a sig quote from the other build log , would it not be easier to get one of the higher ups to move the old thread here though?
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Old 11-12-08, 04:38 PM
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I wanted to give welshys rig an air test first just to make sure it was all ok, so I made my desk look like a bomb site with it all!

I used my 4870 and psu to kick it off as welshys GPU arrived with its water block attached and wet!!

Got an OS on there and loaded all the drivers ect, then stripped it all down to mount all the water blocks.

The SB block on these needs to be modded to fit around the caps, so the file was called for!

so the mobo is all blocked up ready now, last but not least an arty farty pic

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Old 11-12-08, 05:37 PM
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dont forget about le e6850 instad of le q6600
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Old 11-12-08, 08:02 PM
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Aye the Welsh monster has got what seems to be a nasty case of FSB feaver starting.

We did some tests on his Q6600 and it really didnt like high fsb, much over 400fsb and it needed silly volts. So the quad was put to sleep and an E6850 was dropped in to it instead. Shock horror, but E6850s are very good 65nm dualys, this chip was running 500fsb at 1.5v this will be a perfect match for welshes pc-8000 ram, means a rock solid stable 1:1 fsb to ram and hopefully the extra fsb will help keep the bandwidth hungry 4870x2 fed!

Now where this is a full system build for welsh, it needed to be tweaked as much as possible. The XP OS has had a full black Vista style over haul but it needed some more funk. Me and the Photoshop Master the man that melts durons have been trying to get a wallpaper sorted for the welsh monster.

What do you guys think of this?

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Old 11-12-08, 10:26 PM
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Nice chop dude, good work

Looking forward to finished pics
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Old 12-12-08, 07:57 AM
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really is a nice looking case, those custom (and trick designed!)panels make such a big difference.

hope you're still using goggles :P
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Old 12-12-08, 12:26 PM
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Yes Im still using goggles matey, I HATE stuff in my eye
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