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Old 19-11-08, 11:54 AM
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ASUS 9800GT 1Gb OC problem. [SOLVED]

Hi guys.

Brand new card with Accelero/turbo module installed, 55C max temps.

Using Rivatuner 7.11 to OC. I seem to have hit a wall on the core. I can run at 750Mhz with no artifacts, but when I try to go higher, it does not register, or stick. On the slider I can set it to 775 and apply the setting, but the OC does not show up in the monitoring tool, nor in ATiTool.

Neither will read anything higher than 750, even though the slider shows different.

I tried EVGA's Precision tool as well with the same results. As soon as I try to go above 750Mhz, the slider simply reset's to the previous highest setting (750). Sliders are unlinked.

I can get the memory to 1150Mhz and the same thing happens when I try to go higher, the slider just resets.

I tried ASUS' own 'Doctor' to overclock the card, but the core slider is limited to 750Mhz and the memory to 1100Mhz.

Is there something in the registry that is preventing me going higher?

Note that I am getting ZERO artifacts at the 750/1850/1150 settings.

I have OC'd previously owned cards this same way and each card has artifacted when pushed too far.

Stock speeds on this card are 600/1500/900


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Old 19-11-08, 12:06 PM
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I wonder if it has a limiter on the bios ? I dont know, but it's possible.

Either that or some cards on failing an oc will go back to the last one that worked. To test this u could try setting it at 740, then jump to 775 and see if it goes back to 750 or 740. A fail in this sense I would expect it to goto 740. A limiter would put it to 750.

Not heard of anything about it tho.

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Old 19-11-08, 03:49 PM
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well tbh 750/1850/1150 is a beasty oc, im not sure you will see much difference going higher. Pretty sure u will be cpu limited.
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Old 19-11-08, 07:47 PM
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Am happy with the OC (gives me 16,919 in 3dMark05), but I am not happy with the fact that I cannot find the card's limit, other than the limit that has seemingly been placed on it by asus.

Thanks guys.
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Old 20-11-08, 08:51 AM
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Problem solved. It ended up being that the shaders needed to have the frequency increased before I could go any further on the core. Seems to be about 2 to 1 that they need to run. In other words, in order for me to run the core at say 800Mhz, I need to already have the shaders set to a minimum 1600Mhz.

If I set the shaders to 1000Mhz, I can then only get the core to run at 500Mhz or below.
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