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Old 14-11-08, 11:42 AM
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Thermaltake release the Fanless 330 VGA Cooler

Thermaltake has released a passive cooler for VGA cards called the Fanless 330.

Check it out in the news article

Originally Posted by name='Jim'
"Jonathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel may be 12-time world gaming champ, but how does he cope inside a 50c hot box sucking on a heavy load?":rocker::rocker:
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Old 14-11-08, 12:03 PM
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Great ... makes your graphics card take up 3 slots, 4 if the 'lower' fins are a little too large, which it looks like in the photos. And no compatibility with the nVidia 9800 and ATi 4000 series, which eliminates the largest part of the new graphics cards being bought.

Yes, 9600 is bought a lot too, but most of the time not by people who are technical enough to replace their cooling solution.

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Old 14-11-08, 12:08 PM
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That`s an interesting release. It covers older or mid range cards (generalization).

On the face of it, looking at it`s construction, it would do well to compete with one of the early HR03 models, although I wouldn`t put it up against one of the newer revisions.

It looks a good idea, as do the HR03(s), for any quiet htpc solution - with one reservation being the fins that go over the rear of the card and a pressumed bridge cooler, and possibly if u have a big-arse cpu cooler.

If it fits in tho, it would probably do a good job, if it`s cheaper than the HR03, and performs close to the earlier revs, it`ll be a good option. I have no doubt fitting a fan or 2 to it, although then making it non-silent, would improve it again.

Curious release.

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Old 14-11-08, 12:44 PM
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If I used that on my motherboard, I'd lose my pci-e x1 slot for sure, as well as the standard PCI below it, and when I eventually get my Xigmatek fitted, I'm not sure it wouldn't interfere with that either.

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