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Old 01-11-08, 06:46 PM
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P5p800 mobo won't boot

Hello , my mothers computer wont boot up , fans turn on network light comes on but no boot screen , replaced video card , replaced hd now what? ..................................she was useing it last night then locked up and been dead sence then....................help please

ps. How do you tell when mobo goes bad ? Or could the processor be bad (p-d 960 3.6gz)

it also has an agp ati x1950pro 512.... And 600watt ps

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Old 04-11-08, 01:13 PM
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Try it with 1 stick of memory.

Try reseting the bios.

Run something like memtest if u get a chance.

Even tho u dont see anything, after it boots, does the keyboard blink lights when u press capslock or numlock ?

Are u using ps2 key/mouse, and are they in the correct ports ?

... can go on for ages listing these things tbh, without much more information it could be anything.

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