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Old 19-10-08, 01:27 PM
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Excited about the new i7 cores

HI guys,

Im building a new pc as soon as the i7 cores are released and i can get my hands on 1. i know its stupid idea because i will be paying the premium price but i have been holding off for a long time now just wondering what you think about my ideas so far


Intel Core i7 940

Clock 2.93GHz

Cores 4

Threads 8

Socket LGA1366

L2 cache 256KB per core

L3 cache 8MB shared


Thermaltake Spedo Advance (after reading OC3D review im not sure

about this case ) or

Antec twelve hundred ( this case looks like it will fill up with dust


power supply

Antec true power trio 650 watt or

Thermaltake tough power 750 watt ( ihave no ide about psu )


Asus or xfx GTX280


corsair 1600mhz not sure what type yet will wait till they offer

3 pack to take advantage of tripple channel


not sure yet still deciding maybe you guys can help me figure this 1

out i have $500.00 aussie dollars to spend on it


something cheap and nasty to keep costs down

C/ drive

I have 200 australian dollars to spend on this, Do i buy 2 for 100

dollars each and set them in raid 0 or buy 1 really good 1

i always end up with a crapp c/ drive and it bottle necks my

my computer lol

I have the money to build this system im just waiting on the release of the core i7 and x58 mobos

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